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Specializing in 1932-1938 Ford Hydraulic Brake Conversion Kits

We manufacture HERE IN THE USA our exclusive no-modification kits to install early Ford/Lockheed or new Lincoln-Bendix brakes on your 1932-1938 Ford. We supply ALL fittings, hoses, brackets, and fasteners required, including pre-bent lines that fit. No cutting or welding is required, and NO drilling is required on 1932-1933-1934 models. One (1) extra hole is required (in the LH rear radius rod for the rear T fitting) on 1935-1936 models, and seven (7) extra holes are required (in the rear radius rods for the rear T fitting and line clips) on 1937-1938 models.

Otherwise, our kits use ONLY existing holes in the original frame and utilize the original unmodified pedals, and it is NOT necessary to relocate the battery on the 1932-1936 models. The basic Master Cylinder kits also include linkage to connect the original handbrake handle to the rear cable loop originally used by Ford on 1942-1948 systems. Our kits can be uninstalled without leaving any trace (except for the extra holes on 1935-1936-1937-1938 models) should someone elect to revert to original mechanical brakes.

Please note that our kits are designed for Passenger and Light Commercial models - 106" and 112" wheelbase. We do not offer kits for larger Truck models. You may, however, contact us for advice as to how to go about converting 1932-1938 Trucks...

We are the ONLY source for these kits in the world. They may be picked up here at our facility, or we ship WORLDWIDE via UPS or the Postal Service. We do not offer them through other Dealers because we custom manufactures all parts to accommodate each particular requirement, taking into consideration other changes that are being made.

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Since 1996 we have provided the personal service that you need to solve your parts problems and to increase the enjoyment AND SAFETY of your early V8 Ford. Our exclusive products include complete do-it-yourself instructions and our PLEDGE to provide full technical support during and after installation. Search the WEB for us and you will find MANY satisfied users of our products.

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